Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The most high-quality cars names

In a survey of 37 000 American car owners have earned the highest score marks Ford, Volkswagen and Honda. And the quality in this case was estimated at more options than ever. Typically, these rankings are compiled by counting the damage and claims expressed by the owners of vehicles. The experts of the company Strategic Vision, conducted the study, in addition to fault analysis, figured out how the owners of certain models assess comfort machine, its dynamics, appearance, ergonomics and other features. As a result, in each vehicle class was chosen as the best model.

The highest quality models (in the American classification) are recognized:

Small class sedan - Honda Civic Hybrid
Small class hatchback - Volkswagen Golf
Mid-size sedan - Volkswagen Jetta
Mid-sized hatchback - Honda Accord Crosstour
Full-size sedan - Nissan Maxima
Sedan premium entry-level - Mercedes C-Class
Executive Sedan - Jaguar XJ
Entry-level coupe - Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang
Premium Coupe - BMW 1 Series
Entry-level convertible - Ford Mustang
Premium Convertible - Mercedes E-Class
Crossover - Volkswagen Tiguan
Mid-size SUV - Jeep Grand Cherokee
Full-size SUV - Toyota Sequoia
The luxury SUV entry level - Land Rover Discovery
Luxury SUV - BMW X6