Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Runabout swung to the level of Ferrari

MTM tuning company took the very petite and modest Audi A1 and gave her transcendent power of 500 hp, making compact hatchback is now able to dial 325 km / h. For comparison: Ferrari 458 Italia only 1 km / h faster. All this sounds unbelievable, but MTM - well respected firm and is unlikely to be wishful thinking.

What a machine under the hood? 2.5-liter turbo was borrowed from the "hot" hatchback Audi RS 3. Initially, it gave 340 hp, but now the boost pressure is raised, the ECU reprogrammed and refined exhaust. Because of the engine managed to squeeze another 160 forces.
It should be noted that the Audi RS 3 draft is sent to all four wheels, and pumped A1 remained front wheel. As possible to make dispersal more efficient vehicle is equipped with limited slip differential, but still at the start of all the power most likely goes to the useless wheelspin. Of course, tuning masters assure us that due to the modified suspension control has become much more athletic. But on the whole project looks fairly debatable.