Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mercedes began testing extreme sedan

Not long ago, a German company introduced a 517-strong Coupe Mercedes C 63 ​​AMG Black Series, but it turns out, is on its way and as an extreme model of "family" four-door body. And competitors have nothing to beat them! BMW M3 Sedan has "only" 420 hp, while the limited-edition sedans M3 CRT - 450 hp

Note that the issue of a sedan with the prefix «Black Series» - this is a new twist in the history of sports car Mercedes. In previous years, all extreme machines, bore a name that was only double. Even if the original model was a four (eg, CLK), a Black Series version was deprived of the rear seat. For the recently introduced coupe rear seats offer all the same, but as a paid option. Well, the new sedan will be the first model in this series, which combines the power and superkarovskuyu quite practical interior.

Under the hood - the same under the hood a 6.2-liter atmosfernik, swung up to 517 hp as the coupe, working together with a seven-step "robot" with two clutches. If dvuhdverka gaining 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds, the sedan is likely to be about 0.1 slower.

Black Series version is different from "ordinary" 457-strong Mercedes C 63 ​​AMG is not only power but also the extended track, other suspension settings and larger brakes.