Thursday, March 7, 2013

Brits create autopilot for 150 dollars

Scientists from Oxford University have been active in the development of low-cost autopilot for civilian cars. Over the next 10 years the specialists intend to introduce a device that will cost about 150 dollars. It is reported The Telegraph.

The development is quite simple and is based on the work of several lasers in front of the car, and rooftop cameras. The system is able to generate a 3D image of the surrounding area, as well as recognize objects, including pedestrians. Data is collected and stored, thus, again hitting the same town car will be able to ride alone, but it will distinguish and new objects.

"Our cities are not too fast, so the robotic vehicles will have the ability to recognize familiar buildings and objects and, consequently, will be able to" say "driver:" I know this road and can take you there, "said one of the project developers Paul Newman.

Currently, scientists are engaged in negotiations with the Ministry of transport the UK and hope to get the opportunity to test their design in the "field" conditions on public roads.

This is not the first development in the area of automotive autopilots. In particular, similar devices are Audi, Volvo, Cadillac, Continental, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota and Google.