Friday, March 8, 2013

Mercedes SLS AMG

In the world there are many automobile companies specializing in manufacturing-Union ", based on modern machines. But none of them alone is worth the u.s. firm GWA (Gullwing America) whose owner Arturo Alonso, managed to achieve fame some very distinctive and original developments, earning the unconditional respect for colleagues and lovers of rare automobiles.

Another of his creations – convertible GWA 300 SLC. This machine is built to order one from Eastern Europe, whose name is kept secret, and is a tribute to Mercedes 300 SC (W188) 1955, which was released just 92 pieces. The design is based on the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster which in the Atelier, a new aluminum-made GWA and redesigned showroom.

Just as the machine has got a removable hard roof, adjustable suspension, new exhaust system, and executed in retro-styled alloy wheels 21 inch front and converted 22 inches at the rear. Engine and transmission have not been finalized.

Most likely, the GWA SLC and 300 will be produced in a single copy, as the author's vehicle. However, if you have orders Arturo Alonso can make this car a small series, as with the other models GWA.

But be that as it may, the chance to see any of the GWA models on the road is virtually zero. These machines are immediately sent to collectors of rare items and garages if you go on the road, but, as the saying goes, "holidays".