Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2013 Opel Junior revolutionize the concept of small car

In 2013, Opel will begin selling its own compact car, which, as the Germans say, will transform the notion of a small car. Until then, it was thought that mikroavtomobili should be modest and unpretentious, the new Opel Junior, certainly, will change the attitude to these "kids". In Opel promise that Junior will not only be comfortable model, but also very spacious, with great potential for transformation and all the modern "twists" that we meet in the car of higher class.

First Opel Junior will sell gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, it will be a new generation of engines with two or three cylinders. It is expected that the average fuel consumption of gasoline Junior will be only 3-4 liters per 100 km! Well, for 2014 is scheduled premiere car with an electric motor. True, it is not known to be a "full electric" car will receive in addition to or more batteries and a small gasoline motor, which will make a much more practical Junior.