Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Volkswagen Golf R made extreme

Little known even in Germany tuning studio Siemoneit Racing has decided to attract the attention of a very unusual way - making the Volkswagen Golf R at the super car. Moreover, the German tuning wizard offered to do it for very reasonable money.
Exterior of the car has remained virtually unchanged - the exterior ennobled original alloy wheels, carbon fiber hood and darkened head optics. In the black painted folksvagenovskuyu logo, but for some reason only the front. However, looks are not important, since the focus of this project was given to the engine. You can choose between two versions of two-liter engine pumping TSI: Budget and "top". In the former case the program is changing the engine control unit (698 euros) and installing a new exhaust system in stainless steel (1749 euros). As a result, this engine develops 270 hp instead of All 350 hp and 485 Nm of torque. But for those who want to become an owner is not "hot", but a truly "hot» Volkswagen Golf R, lay still have extra 499 euros for the high pressure fuel pump, 1199 euros for a new intercooler and 298 euros for a robotic rework boxes DSG double-clutch. The latter clearly would not be superfluous, as the motor, according to representatives of the tuning studio now develops 530 hp
The dynamic characteristics are not reported, but one can assume that the 530-strong machine will have an extreme character. After all, even the "stock» Volkswagen Golf R has a very good dynamic performance: acceleration to the first hundred took 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 250 km / h. What can we say about the hatchback with 530 hp engine in! Similarly, the engine did not have even sports cars such as Ferrari California and the Aston Martin DBS. The question is - and it even needs such a car? Because even serial Volkswagen Golf R is designed for "advanced" drivers, and are there many people who can cope with the 530-strong "mad stool" that engineers have built Siemoneit Racing? It seems that in this case, a sense of proportion has changed the German tuner.