Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Ford Mustang. The first information

Ford is going in 2014 to introduce a new generation of its legendary hatchback Mustang. According to the British publication AutoExpress, the car will be slightly smaller current Mustang, but it significantly reduced her weight, that the most positive impact on the dynamics and control.
While the new Ford Mustang is known very little. Representatives from Ford saying only that the next generation coupe will be much closer to the spirit "of the very» Mustang model 1964. What is meant by these words, while not entirely clear. But it is unlikely the Americans will make the new Mustang a simple and inexpensive - this model has now evolved into a cult, so its price is, by definition, must be considerable.
In addition, the new generation Mustang will be the most technically perfect - the car will have not only fully independent suspension, tuned to the passage of fast cornering, but clean and efficient engines. The base engine will be turbocharged 2.5-liter unit, which will produce 300 hp (Now the most modest six-cylinder Mustang has a unit volume of 3.7 liters). There will also be available, and 5.4-liter engine (500 hp already.)