Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Renault revive sports car Clio Williams

Last week, Renault and Williams formulary stable signed a contract under which the engines Renault R27 next year will be installed on race cars Williams. However, this co-operation between old partners is over. In the year 2012 will see the light "hot" hatchback Renault Clio Williams.

In fact, the car with the same name in the history of Renault has already been. Twenty years ago, was born sporthetchbek Renault Clio Williams, built on Renault Clio first generation. The machine was created in commemoration of the glorious victories "stable» Williams in Formula 1 and sold over the world in the number of 3800 copies. Especially these "hot" hatchbacks have been popular in the UK. But if engineers then Williams did not participate in the development of the car, now the British will make a significant contribution to the fine-tuning sporthetchbeka.

In particular, together with French colleagues from the Department of Renaultsport they finalize the suspension and braking system. The car will receive a two-liter turbo with 240 hp Externally, to distinguish the car from the Renault Clio RS will be on gold alloy wheels and fabrication Williams on the hind wings and the third door. The interior will be installed for racing "scoops» Recaro, which also adorn the logo Williams, and on the front panel will be with the serial number plate car. The car will be released in a limited edition, however, until the French did not specify how much they plan to make Renault Clio Williams (probably not more than 500 cars).

Sales in Europe will begin next year, the main market, as before, will be the United Kingdom. The British are generally very positive about the "charged" modification Renault Clio, and only version "of Williams» to cause them even more interesting.