Friday, July 22, 2011

Renault came up with the future kompaktven

The French concept car Frendzy, who live for the first time will be shown in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show gives us an idea about how to possibly become a model Renault Kangoo look into the future. As the current "heel", the futuristic novelty can combine the functions of commercial commercials avtomobilchiki and family minivan. MYJNBGBVB5BT

The creators of the concept car and decided to develop those and other functions of the machine. In terms of commercial exploitation of thing here - it is possible to use the car as a mobile office. For his work with the Internet, office applications and e-mail here corresponds built Tablet BlackBerry PlayBook. Another one of those "gadgets" - 37-inch color screen, built-in right-hand sliding door, and not focused on the riders, and on the street! On it you can display advertising and informational messages - this may also be useful in business.

Well, in terms of family use the main thing here is probably not only room for riders and all sorts of ergonomic findings, but that car came out bright and beautiful. Obviously not in business style. Judging by appearances, it is likely this car for leisure.

And, of course, the car of the future renoshniki give no internal combustion engine, a 60-horsepower electric motor. Let the arrival of this kompaktven - something for the future, but the French company is known to already have electric cars ready for mass production.

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