Friday, April 13, 2012

Citroen model showed Number 9

At the Beijing Auto Show, which opens later this month, the company Citroen will present his concept of the luxury car in the history of the brand. This car should break all records of luxury. It will be called the Citroen Number 9, although this model will be presented under the sub-brand DS - an allusion to the fact that the production version will be called DS9?
I doubt it. Prospects for the emergence of such a model on the assembly line are small - luxury French cars ever in demand (success of the first DS in this case does not count). Therefore, this model should be taken only as a "statement of intent" and the demonstration of design style.
From a technical point of view, Number 9 is also interesting. This car is a representative length of almost five meters under the hood of a gasoline motor of 1.6 liters. But do not worry about the French ... In conjunction with this turbo charged power unit as much as 225 hp (!) Employs an electric motor that produces 70 more horsepower And the 70 "horses" will be transmitted only to the rear axle, which automatically makes Number 9 all-wheel drive vehicle.
At one electric Number 9 is able to pass 50 km. And thanks to that average fuel consumption of a huge machine in the urban cycle is only ... 1.7 liters per 100 km! In addition, we note one more thing - the lithium-ion batteries on this "Citro" can be charged from an ordinary household outlet in just 3.5 hours. But until recently it took about 8-12 hours.