Friday, April 13, 2012

Phones in the car can be recharged "on air"

The following year the company Chrysler will begin to equip their cars wireless (!) Charger for the players, mobile phones, smart phones on platforms iPhone, Blackberry and Android. The first test future technologies will Sedan Dodge Dart.
This useful feature has been designed Chrysler court ateliers Molar, which is more than a year comes up with all sorts of gadgets for the car group. The device will rebuilt into the center console of your vehicle. To begin the process of charging your smartphone, or the player will have to just put on a special place. But there is one thing but ... To charge the phone "on air", it should be inserted into a special box, which supplies the Molar kit. The creators claim that the building will be versatile and suitable for most mobile devices.

Full charging time, as well as other features that will be endowed with a system is not reported. The estimated cost of wireless charging around U.S. $ 200, and it will be offered to buyers of cars as an option.