Friday, April 13, 2012

Toyota cars cheaper

Toyota has told us how to make cars more affordable. According to the concepts of Toyota New Global Architecture, the costs will be reduced, and customers are fully satisfied with the quality of products. The new architecture will be able to combine the basic functions of the vehicle, such as acceleration, braking and maneuvering, with the ideal parameters of equipment, ergonomics and comfortable accommodation of the occupants.

In the near future under the new concept will create three front wheel drive car, and they will form the basis for half of all future models of Toyota. The second step will be a new order of cooperation between business units. In the new work will be the designers, engineers and research unit that will lead to a more efficient body structure. The new platform will have a low center of gravity; the cars will become more stable and emotional side of design. What the future will look like new from Toyota; can be judged by a conceptual hybrid Toyota NS4, shown at the beginning of 2012 in Detroit.

Finally, one of the most important staff will be cleaning. The number of managers involved in the process of creating new models will be reduced by 20%.