Sunday, April 15, 2012

2015 SUV Lamborghini. It exists

As part of the New York Auto Show held private screening of the latest crossover Lamborghini. The car was shown to a narrow range of specially invited guests, among them automotive journalists are not included. Therefore, no machine has no photos, and images are available - this is just a "sketch" drawn from the words of one of the invitees.
Thus, the Lamborghini SUV will have a look, looks like a concept car Estoque, with a sloping rear of the roof, and the dimensions will be approximately the same as the Audi Q7. The car will be strictly four-seater, will receive a 24-inch wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes and a ten-engine volume 5.2 liters of sports car Gallardo, boosted to 580 hp Body panels are made of composite materials, in addition, the design of the car are widely used lightweight alloys. In the future, does not exclude the emergence of hybrid versions. However, the company has not officially Lamborghini did not confirm the existence of this car, although it is known that his debut will take place on April 23, the opening day of the Beijing Auto Show.
If Lamborghini SUV will go to the series, then the probability is very high, then this car will become a monopolist-segment crossovers supercar, as the main competitors of similar vehicles do not yet have. Bentley EXP 9 F, as shown recently in Geneva, is positioned as an SUV, which will be a step above the Range Rover, a direct competitor to Lamborghini - Ferrari - crossover is not going to produce. So that Lamborghini has a chance to market a unique car, with which no one will compete. However, if the crossover Lamborghini and go into a series, the nit does not happen before 2015.