Sunday, April 15, 2012

In 2012 Americans refuse to hybrids

Owners of hybrid cars when buying a new car prefer traditional technologies. According to news Automotive News, these disappointing figures for "green" vehicles were registered in 2011. The only "green" iron horse, who managed not to disappoint their owners, was a hybrid Toyota Prius.
But in most cases when buying a new car has been chosen the usual internal combustion engine. Choose a hybrid of a hybrid decided to only 22% of car owners. Also, the knife in the back thrust of modern hybrid engine with low fuel consumption. Cars with such power plants are cheaper to purchase and maintain, having almost "hybrid" fuel economy.
Curiously, the number of drivers who are satisfied with hybrid cars, with each year is decreasing. For example, in 2010 the proportion of satisfied motorist’s was26.4%, but in 2009 it was about 41.8%. In the past year the situation has stabilized a bit. However, according to experts, to put an end to the hybrid technology too early, because they attract new buyers to even lost the popularity of brands. And while hybrids are a good tool for competition.